The Extengineering Company


Uncomplicated Outsourcing


Parallel Services Inc. provides engineering outsourced services for engineering managers within large wireless and wireline telcos. We assist these engineering managers with their workflow and provide outsourcing services during peak times - this service greatly reduces the stress of managing an engineering department.

Assisting engineering management with this workflow stress is our specialty.

Parallel Services Inc. was formed twenty-four years ago. Our outsourcing services are provided remotely - we accomplish this by using VPN to remotely access our clients software applications and storage locations on their LAN. We call this Extengineering. There is a high level of trust involved in this arrangement and we work hard to maintain it.

We have professional engineering and CCNA qualified personnel. We are continually learning new software applications, equipment specifications and transport configurations. We have a solid understanding of how large telecom networks are put together. Typically, the types of people we support are: Manager - Equipment Engineering, Manager - Transport Engineering, and Manager - IP Access. If you're looking for assistance with peak workloads in your engineering group, get in touch.




transport engineering

microwave path design

ip engineering

Spatialnet / acad MAP 3d

Uncomplicated Outsourcing

At Parallel Services, everything we do is based on meeting your needs.

Part of the Extengineering concept is our flexibility to offer new and additional engineering services based on your evolving requirements. We provide the engineering support and completed documentation so that your installers and site techs can upgrade your network.

Below is a sampling of what we do:

  • UMTS / RAN Access networks including GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE, 3rd Carrier

  • Digital and Ethernet short hop Microwave access link installations and software upgrades

  • GigE fibre ring node insertions, CWDM networks

  • Cisco switch installations

  • Central Office and site DC power upgrades and augmentations

  • Equipment removals

  • High Speed Access links for business customers

  • Phub / Headend ISP connectivity

  • Central Office, Cell site, RNC and OPM equipment audits, “As Builts”

  • CAD services

  • REMEDY-based engineering work order management

  • SpatialNet with AutoCAD Map 3D